Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Make-Out With Women In Less Then 40 Seconds - Seduction Guide

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It can be absolutely astonishing to experience a man walking up to a woman that he obviously didn't know and then proceed in making out with her instantly. Such event may sound like it's fairy-tale or out of reach - An exceptional talent or superb ability this person was born with.

But I can tell you it is not. This kind of event can be explained in just a few easy to follow steps so that you could easily do it yourself. I will now break down these steps for you.

Obviously, the first step is to understand that roughly 90% of the dissimilarity between a man who is very good with women and one man that is not, is the capacity to detect a woman who's ready to make out with the first man she encounters.

I'm sure you may not want to believe me, but it's a fact my friend. If you go up to a woman at a club while lacking the understanding of what signs to look for, your odds of success her will dramatically decline.
You must be able to grasp how to identify that specific woman who is already in a state of "Ready to Make-out" and be "that person".

Don't believe those who seems to suggest women don't want this to happen.

Are you aware that women are as sexual(if not more sexual)than men are? For the most part, because so many males are scared to go for it, the Woman's "I'm Ready To Make-out" phase never transpires. What happens next is the woman ends up going home all alone or worse..These women become very annoyed and upset that no men are approaching them to chat and flirt.

In deploying this procedure into practice, You should look to find out how you can distinguish the girls who you're capable of making-out with in less than 40 seconds, in the first place.
There are indeed a handful of "first rate" signs that can reveal to you whether the specific woman is hot and ready for anything, including an instant make-out session.
What You Should Look For

The first sign is a girl who frequently looks down. What is happening there is every time she looks down, she's accessing her emotions.

Let be a bit clearer so you can understand clearly...Whenever a person starts looking in different direction, it usually means that person is accessing different part of their brain. These are known as "Eye Accessing Cues". If she's at a club or a bar setting and keeps looking down repeatedly, then she's eventually accessing her emotional brain.

If the woman you've just approached makes eye contact with you, then suddenly looks down, then back up again, it suggest she's getting a strong emotional reaction from you staring at her and can't deal with it in a normal way so she's looking down to access the situation in her mind. If this same woman also tilts her head while not using her eyes to look down, she's basically lowering herself physically and showing you submission.

At that moment, this submission is what should allow you to be the dominant man.

On the other hand, if the woman look at you, smile but never looks down or tilts her head away, it usually means she's not feeling this huge emotional responses that she can't handle. It mean's she's engaging you head on and there won't be any submission reaction for her. At this point, it may not be a good idea to try to dominate it by going for the kiss. She needs to be under the submission spell.

For you to make out with her under 40 seconds, she has to show submission signs. By showing you submission in this situation, she's essentially telling you to do what you please with her. It is at that point that you can dominate her by going for it.

So remember, if she's not looking away or down and keeps her eyes contact on you for the most part, then you can't just get closer to her and make out.

In contrary, if she's looking down and away, constantly looking around to make eye contact with a lot of people, this must likely suggest that she's the type you can step to and instantly become sexual with.

The way a woman dresses and how they're moving their body can reveal other crucial traits. A woman standing with her feet about shoulder-width apart, will be more difficult for a man to get at her and dominate to make-out. Her standing or stance and the stronger body language suggest she will be more resistant to anything that is out of the ordinary for her. She's less likely to tolerate a man that she doesn't know to just grab her and start making out with her.

As an alternative, you should try to look for a woman that has a more "closer stance" with her legs closer to each other while standing. For for the one that are alone, outside of any groups and looking around a bit.

On the dressing strait, for her to be the perfect gal that you can approach and make-out in under 40 seconds, she needs to be between a flashy overly sexy dresser and a woman who really "under-dress" with maybe a sweatpants and her hair not done. You want a girl that's in between these 2 extremes...Not over-dressed but not too under-dressed.

Sometimes, many of these women who probably had never been to the specific bar or club before, would not know whether to under-dress or over-dress since there's no way to know what the atmosphere would be like. They will usually come in very open-minded and start looking around trying to make connections. This is an exceptional situation for you to make your move if it is the case.

If she fit the criteria of the example above, then you should watch her for a few minutes to analyze things further, and make your move. She's more likely to be receptive since she's clearly looking for a bit of attention and looking a bit lost. After your analysis, if you come to the conclusion she's the type of girl you can walk up to and to this, you should proceed.

Even if you're not 100% sure, I would still suggest you to proceed anyway and see what happens.
Once you proceed and stepped up to her, this is where the scary part began.

What You Should Do

At that point, this is where the most powerful type of frame control comes in to action. If you want to come across like a professional at this, it is crucial for you to comprehend how to influence or control someone else frame.

Another term for "frame" is "reality", so you basically want to try to influence her reality. Controlling her experience is the goal here. You need to be capable of staying in control of that experience to bring her to the level where she feel totally comfortable making out with you instantly.

Let me give you a quick, effective, and sharp way of getting this done. I'll explain it to you as quick as possible so you can go out and try it straightaway.

Here's a guide of what you should say, word for word...Step up to her, once you there, wait for her to make eye contact with you, then SLOWLY put your finger up to your lips and say "SHH.."

Then increase your vocal tonality while slowing your speech. And instantaneously say " Wait for one moment"

You could also say "Stop for One second". NLP would be good to use here. When someone hears "stop" or "wait" or "don't", that person instantly register whatever comes next.

Here's an example: If I say "Don't think of a white dog",what will you do? Straightaway, you will think of a white dog and you'd imagine it inside your head.

Now, if I state "Don't try to make out with me" or "Don't make out with me right now", women are going to be consciously hearing "Don't make out with me." On the other hand, their subconscious minds will be hearing something else, like "Make out with me right now".

At that moment, you're basically attempting to kind of utilize real life inception to fool her into thinking making-out with you to be HER idea. She should be thinking "I should make out with this dude."

These subconscious triggers will be used a lot during frame control so that it can go as fast as possible. I have one demand from you, and it is to use it for good. You could put this stuff to use in way too many evil ways.

There are women out there who clearly do not want to be seduced, so don't use this on them. This is why it is so important to first look for and detect the kind of women who are showing clear signs of wanting to be seduced by men.

So let's recap everything I've just stated above: Walk up to her, place your finger over your lips to "Shh.." for a few seconds then say a sentence that begins with "Wait", "Stop or "Don't".

The line I like to use is "Don't you worry..right now". I just say that. Then I slow down my speech like that -"Dont' you...worry...right now".

After that, go right into the next sentence, which is, "You and I will soon have a secret...We're going to kiss in secret and know one will know."

While you're saying this, you should lean in...so as you're saying it, slowly continue to lean in closer to her and at the same time, you should look at her yes, then slowly go down to stare at her lips, then her eyes again.

This technique above is called "Triangulating". You should count to 3 while looking at her eyes, then look down to her lips and count to 2, look back up and count to 3, then look back down and count to 2..etc. 

You should repeat this at least 3-4 times while you're talking to her.

You might want to practice in front of a mirror before you try it live on a woman since he can be a lot to remember. I'm not expecting you to do it perfectly your first time around. Practice makes better.

So let's recap once again what you've just learned. First, you say "We're going to have a secret, we're going to make-out and no one will know about it." At that point, you will be just filling in space with words while you are leaning in and controlling the conversation.

Then you should proceed very slowly to take your left or right hand - whichever is more available - and reach around her back. Don't pull her toward you or anything, just very lightly touch her.

Indication that it's working

Look at her, is she looking at your lips? If she is, then this is a positive sign to go forward but if she's looking at your eyes, then you might want to wait a second, turn around, turn back and try it again.

This act can reset the meter in her mind, so to speak. If you turn around and come back again, most women sees this as a fresh start to start a conversation. It's a very weird loop-hole in psychology.

As human being, we tend to give second chances. We'll give someone a second chance if he/she turns back and comes back around for a new beginning. So in the case you're getting some resistance from the woman, don't forget to reset yourself for a new beginning, turn back to her, smile and proceed again. If she continues to resist you, then you should bail out and find yourself another woman.

If it's working properly, she should be looking at your lips while looking very comfortable and excited. At this moment, I would suggest to move in closer and start whispering in her ear.

Very Important!

You might want to talk louder if you're in a club or bar environment, but don't raise your voice too high. Instead, keep your voice low so that you'll have to move very close to her so she could hear you.

Then you should proceed in employing the technique. What I normally do is say"Don't you worry, no one is going to witness this. we'll make it our little secret and I promise I won't tell anybody if you promise me the same."

Make sure she's feeling your hot breath into her neck as you're saying these first words. Make sure the breath out more intensely then normal so she would be able to really feel your breath heating her neck.

This magical act usually gets an intense and deep sexual reaction from women if you've done it correctly.
As you speak close to her ear, press your cheek very slowly against her cheek then proceed in moving your head over so that your mouth can be closer to her mouth....Then start kissing!

If all goes well, start with one little peck...Then you should go straight into the heavy make-out. I know you may not feel it in this description, but 40 seconds is indeed a long long time in this case. From personal experience, this event can even take less then 40 seconds.


I'd like you to intently practice this method. You should get to a point where you can do it in 40 seconds, but you can start out with a minute or two.

This method is not to be used regularly, but when the special opportunity to use it shows up, you should take it. It is a very good tactic to have in your seduction arsenal.

If you see a women who's in the state of wanting to be seduced, but you keep beating around the bush by speaking of bunches of crap without getting to the point, she would lose interest and you would lose and waste a wonderful opportunity there.

Instead, once you spot that specific girl, you must move quickly and get to the point. No playing around the bushes. She wants it and you're here to give it to her right here, right now. Those who moves fast and intensive get the girls while those who are scared and reluctant doesn't get anything.

There are also many methods out there that could lead you to greater success rate. One technique shows your how to speak with the correct tonality...how to touch her so she could feel comfortable and not think you're some weird creepy pervert guy.

I went from a normal guy to a highly-regarded dating coach because of my knowledge of many short-cuts like the method above and when to utilize them. Armed with the same short cuts, you will also vastly improve your pimping game with women.

I want you to remember these traits or characteristics in women who are begging to be seduced and remember - It is indeed possible to make-out with a women in less then 40 second.

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