Saturday, November 8, 2014

What It Takes To Attract Attractive Women

Who doesn't want the HOTTEST WOMAN in town to be insanely attracted to them?
Every swingin' d!ck does.

But very few dudes have what it takes. 

Attraction is fickle, man.

Once you understand how attraction works, you'll get women to want you.

Know what else you'll get? 




Like a boss!!!

That powerful feeling that you're the one calling the shots. You knowing without doubt how this is going to turn out.
But first, let's figure out where you are now.

Let me ask you this, and be honest (remember, think of me like your doctor... I can’t help you fix your sh!t if I don’t know what’s broken).


How naturally 
are women attracted to you?

Rate yourself right now from 1 to 10.

Are you a ‘1,’ meaning no matter what you do, women are always moving in the other direction?

Or are you a '10,' meaning you don't need to make much effort?

My guess is, is you’re probably not a ‘1,’ and you’re probably not a ’10.’

Before I got real with myself (more on that later), I hovered around a 4 or 5 most of my life.

The bad part is that most guys who are at the low end of the scale think they’re stuck there forever

Bullsh!t, bro.


“I just signed up for Tao last week and I am already seeing big time changes. I'm the typical computer geek and have always had trouble approaching women. I tried out the side facing technique you wrote about the other day... holy crap... that worked!" -Austin B.


But the clock 
is ticking.

Like Charles Barkley, the NBA Hall of Famer, said, “Father Time is undefeated.”

If you look at the scale there are a lot less 10s the higher up you go when you survey the whole population, and it doesn’t get easier with age if you just sit there.

That sounds depressing. And it can be. But you’re in the Brotherhood and we’re here to empower you.

Fvck being stuck. ‘Stuck’ is for pigs, not Badasses.

I’m here to get you unstuck with fireproof advice you can put into action today toincrease your magnetic attraction with cute women.

So hold your head up like a man and let’s get to work.

Think about this...

There’s always that guy that is dating beautiful women way out of his league. We all know at least one.

You see him with bad ass b!tches and think, “Man, how does that guy do it?”

As hard as it is to swallow, it’s like my business mentor told me, “Josh, you know the difference between millionaires and the people who just work hard every day?”

Millionaires do the little things that no one else will do. And they do it long enough and persistently enough that it adds up to a million dollars in their bank account.

While the rest of the world is crying about the recession, they’re out there doing stuff.

As Charlie Munger, the self-made billionaire said, “Go to bed a little bit smarter than you were when you woke up.”

It’s the same thing with women, my friend.

While some guys are out there are jealous of the dude crushing it with cute girls, there are guys out there doing the little things they need to do to... well... actuallycrush it with the ridiculously cute girls!

Most men are deterministic. They’re like, “I’m just this way; it’s in my genes.”

I was like that once.

I’m a little embarrassed to share this, but I was totally in love with this women and was torn to shreds. She was a ’10.’

I dreamed about this girl every night, but I never had the nerve to approach her, and she didn’t much attention to me.

When I finally got the nerve up to ask her out, she told me that on paper I had all the qualities in a guy that she was looking for, but she only interested in me as a friend.

There I was, in the friend zone, again.


I was crushed. What made it worse is that about a week later, I saw her with this total D-Bag... you know the type... smells like a fvcking potpourri store and wears nothing but Affliction shirts. Yeah, 
that guy.

Anyway, I decided that day that I would crack this ‘attraction code’ thing and up my rating.

If you read Dr. Sharon Moalem’s cutting edge book, “Inheritance,” he says our genes are NOT static, they’re dynamic. They’re called epigenetics - the newest science that’s coming out of the top medical schools. Your genes can be changed based on actions-based mindsets.

What does that mean?

Let’s say today you’re a ‘4’ or a ‘5.’

That’s okay. That’s just looking at yourself at a 
moment in time.

You can change that. You don’t have to be stuck.

You joined the Tao of Badass, and (hopefully) you’re reading these emails every day. (Remember, you have to feed your mind with good info like my emails, just like you have to feed your body with nutritious food to stay healthy and grow.)

I’m going to say this again because it’s important: Read these emails every day.
You’re like a huge piece of granite. We’re going to chip away every day until you’re a badass sculpture that women are instinctually attracted to.

What’s the number 1 thing to create attraction?

Dr. Hellen Fischer, a biological anthropologist, says it’s having mystery.

Now, she’s a preeminent scientist on human attraction, so she knows what’s up.

Mystery among all animal species is the golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory... it’s carte blanche... Mystery is the number 1 indicator for attraction.

You’ve seen this at work with a mom and her young kid, or maybe you have a kid yourself. You tell the kid that a room is off-limits, then as soon as you turn your back, the kid is trying to get into the room.


You made it mysterious. So, a good bit a reason you are struggling with women right now is you ‘mystery factor’ is too low.

I want you to promise me that after reading this email, you’re going to work on being more mysterious. And don’t be a slow learner. You don’t need a month. You can do it now!

Walk into a party or social event. When you talk to a girl, be the first one to walk away. Don't be obvious about it or she'll see through what you're doing.

But just casually go talk to someone else. When she texts you later, don’t always be the guy that texts right back.

Be the guy that disappears for a while.

Now, there are many more tools I’m going to give you, but I don’t want to make this newsletter too longer.

As you know, this Badass society is built around a board of advisors.

One of the guys we do a lot of work with is this guy name Mehow.

You may have heard of him. He put out a book on Amazon, and has a show on Yahoo TV.

And he came up with this whole system called, 3 Second Attraction.

Now let me say this, I believe there are two kinds of attraction you can generate.

The first kind, ‘A,’ is instant attraction. And ‘B’ attraction is the slow-and-steady kind of attraction.

My buddy Mehow discovered a "magic" technique that instantly triggers intense sexual attraction in a woman. Once he figured this out, his whole life with women changed.

==> Click to discover Mehow's "3-Second Attraction" System before he takes it down

Powerful stuff.

Like I said, it’s one tool in your tool belt. Think of life as a tool belt.

You don’t want just a hammer and a screwdriver. You want lots of tools.

In upcoming emails, I’m going to teach you more about the slow, subtle form of attraction, like the kind I talked about earlier, creating mystery.

And Mehow is going to show you in his video his 3-second attraction so when you walk into a room, you can get hot women instantly attracted to you.

Alright, gotta jet for now...


PS. I’m serious, I want to help you, so let me hear from you. I may not be able to reply to each email, but I read all the emails that come in.

Don’t forget to tell me how you rate yourself in terms of attraction to women, and what is your biggest block.


“With so many gimmicky products out there promising the world, I’m so glad you guys put out stuff that really works. Thanks to Tao, I’ve been doing very well with the ladies lately!”
-Steven J.


"I'm totally blown away by your teachings. I signed up for Tao of Badass about 2 months ago but didn't take it seriously. Man, what a mistake! I'm rockin it with a hot babe now... thanks, man!" --Eliott J.


P.P.S. Oh sh!t, I almost forgot! Mehow saw how generous I have been with bonuses, so he threw in 11 GANGSTER BONUSES FOR YOU!
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